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2012 Workshop


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[,-121.754651&spn=0.01049,0.015192&sll=38.540471,-121.753299&sspn=0.005245,0.007596&gl=us&hnear=Storer+Hall,+Davis,+California+95616&t=m&z=16 Map to Storer Hall]: [,-121.754651&spn=0.01049,0.015192&sll=38.540471,-121.753299&sspn=0.005245,0.007596&gl=us&hnear=Storer+Hall,+Davis,+California+95616&t=m&z=16 Map to Storer Hall]
://,-123.058392&hl=en&ll=38.317948,-123.057636&spn=0.002631,0.003798&num=1&t=h&gl=us&z=18 Map to Bodega Marine Lab housing] (if you see the main gate to the lab, you've gone slightly too far!)

Now Playing

Preparations to head out to the coast are underway.

[WWW]Map to Storer Hall
[WWW]Map to Bodega Marine Lab housing (if you see the main gate to the lab, you've gone slightly too far!)

Workshop Schedule (10-17 March 2012)

Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday Arrivals Student introductions
Sunday Continuous-time Markov Models and Bayesian Inference (Huelsenbeck) MrBayes tutorial (Brown) / Model Selection (Brown) Setup Student Projects
Monday Divergence-Time Estimation/Beast Tutorial (Heath) Species-trees and *BEAST tutorial (Thomson) Next generation sequencing technology (Eisen)
Tuesday R Tutorial (Glor) / MCMC diagnosis (Moore) Discrete Character Evolution lecture and BayesTraits tutorials (Glor) Analysis of large phylogenetic datasets (Rannala)
Wednesday Continuous character evolution and R tutorial (Mahler) FIELD TRIPS Work on Projects
Thursday Rates of continuous trait evolution (Wainwright) / Morphological evolution in R (Price) Diversification Rates (Moore)/Lineage Diversification in R Work on Projects
Friday Begin presentations More student presentations Party!!
Saturday Pack up and go home


Institution Email Availability
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Jeremy Brown UC Berkeley <jeremymbrown AT gmail DOT com>
Jonathan Eisen UC Davis <jaeisen AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Rich Glor University of Rochester <rglor AT mail DOT rochester DOT edu>
Tracy Heath UC Berkeley <tracyh AT berkeley DOT edu>
John Huelsenbeck UC Berkeley <johnh AT berkeley DOT edu>
Luke Mahler UC Davis <lmahler AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Brian Moore UC Davis <brianmoore AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Samantha Price UC Davis <saprice AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Bruce Rannala UC Davis <brannala AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Bob Thomson UC Davis <rcthomson AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Peter Wainwright UC Davis <pcwainwright AT ucdavis DOT edu>

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