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For additional information visit the ["2012 Workshop" 2012 Bodega Phylogenetics Workshop] page.

Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Workshop

This site provides logistical information and course content for the annual Bodega Applied Phylogenetics Workshop—an intensive, week-long graduate course offered each Spring by the University of California, Davis at the beautiful [WWW]Bodega Marine Lab on the Northern California coast. The site has also become a popular resource for the larger academic community, who we encourage to make use of the tutorials and lecture materials that cover various topics in statistical phylogenetics. Course instructors make an effort to upgrade and improve the Wiki year-round, so be sure to check back in for regular updates. Also remember that this is a Wiki, so you can help improve it too!

sunrise_over_dorms.jpgSunrise over the dorms. learning_to_program.jpgJohn Huelsenbeck teaching students some programming basics Point_Reyes_Field_Trip.JPGField Trip to Point Reyes dice.jpgStudents learning about likelihood with 10-sided die


Bodega_Lab_icon.gif[WWW]Bodega Marine Lab

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